Position Sensors

Throttle position sensor

The TPS is a potentiometer attached to the throttle shaft. A voltage signal is supplied to the sensor, and a variable voltage is returned. The voltage increases as the throttle is opened. This signal and the MAP output determines how much air goes into the engine) so the computer can respond quickly to changes, increasing or decreasing the fuel rate as necessary

Garage Parking Sensor

If you're having trouble gracefully pulling into your parking space, or want to protect against costly damage to your garage or your car, then the red, yellow, and green lights of the Garage Parking Sensor could be just what you need!

The Garage Parking Sensor is a wall mounted "parking assistant" that warns you before you're going to hit the wall.

Using a high tech "ultrasonic" sensor the unit determines the distance between the wall and your car, and displays this to you on a "traffic light" display.

Running off four AA batteries, the kit is mounted to the garage wall. The sensor unit is positioned level with the flattest surface of your car's bumper.

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