Garage Parking Sensor

If you're having trouble gracefully pulling into your parking space, or want to protect against costly damage to your garage or your car, then the red, yellow, and green lights of the Garage Parking Sensor could be just what you need!

The Garage Parking Sensor is a wall mounted "parking assistant" that warns you before you're going to hit the wall.

Using a high tech "ultrasonic" sensor the unit determines the distance between the wall and your car, and displays this to you on a "traffic light" display.

Running off four AA batteries, the kit is mounted to the garage wall. The sensor unit is positioned level with the flattest surface of your car's bumper.

Above the sensor goes the signal display panel, with three coloured lights, which is linked to the sensor with a coiled cable.

Now it's time to put the garage parking aid to the test. Back the car up. The green light tells you to keep going, then the yellow light indicates to slow down. Finally, the red light tells you to stop just in the right space to be close to the wall.

After a short period of no activity, the lights will go off to save power until they are re-activated by the car's movement again.

Supplied with screws and adhesive pads for a choice of wall mounting methods. Requires 3 X AA batteries.